Monday, March 18, 2013

Gymnastics and Smurfs = Great Weekend!

I haven't written in four days, because this weekend was busy and I just had more important things to do, like enjoy my life!  Seriously, what a glorious weekend!  I couldn't ask for a better one.  I love 'Bama in the Spring time...except the allergies of course. 

Most of you who connect with me on Facebook know that Number One came in 2nd at the Alabama State Men's Gymnastics' Meet!  I was super proud.  He had a goal, and he achieved it.  All week long he said, "I'm going to place in the top three, in at least one event, and he did!  That's my boy!  So SO proud of him.

On Sunday, we went to my Mom and Dad's house to enjoy the 70 degree weather.  We had a bonfire with all of the fallen branches on my parent's land, and the boys roasted their hot dogs over the fire, as well as s'mores.  Before we left to go over there, Number Two kept saying, "I can't wait to eat Smurfs!"  Hubby and I laughed about that all day, and we've now decided to call S'mores Smurfs instead...on a permanent basis.  Who doesn't love to eat little blue men? 

Here Number Two is running from the fire.  He actually was not scared, believe it or not.  He was running to go get a plate for his hot dog!
Darling Daughter was not too fond of the fire.  She would have run like this, but she walked away from me so fast saying, "I want to go home," that I didn't get a photo of her!  My sweet niece cajoled her back, and we stood far enough away that she was not scared.  Here she and I are, feeling a little bit better about the situation!
What a fun, beautiful weekend.  I wish every weekend could be as good, filled with joy, fun and family!

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  1. Congrats on your oldest coming in at #2!! Quite an achievement!!


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