Friday, July 5, 2013

Goals for the Week

Here goes!  Re-commitment one step at a time.  The first step is naming my goals.  When I was posting my weekly goals on the blog, and checking them off at the end of the week I had the most success.  Often we as humans tend to abandon our goals when we don't write them down.  Writing them down makes them more permanent, and posting them to a blog for the whole world to see makes them seem achievable. 

Here goes.  My FOUR goals for this week:

  • Lose 1 Pound: Starting off small here.  But I'm well on my way to doing it by tracking my food and by exercising. 

  • Write 500 Words a Day: I'm still editing.  I have found that I HATE editing.  I can edit and WRITE at the same time.  I need to throw myself back into writing, as I've gotten away from it the last few months.  When I don't write I feel unsettled, as if I'm being called back to the computer to type away and throw my thoughts onto the blank Word template. 

  • Clean My Room: My room has been a mess of Ebay clothes for about three months.  They are in boxes, but the boxes are cluttering the whole room.  I NEED to clean them out, so I can then put the Exercise bike in the bedroom and have something to do on rainy days like today!

  • Blog: Blogging helps my mind by preparing me to write.  I need to blog, at least three times a week.  It's such a great stress relief, and it helps my creative juices start to flow.

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